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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Now that's a (re)Treat!  

I had participated in large law firm partner retreats in the past.  Once I demonstrated new labor libraries in Lexis and on the web to the fine folks at Littler, Mendelson and I had the privilege of doing a litigation support seminar for Thelen, Marrin, Johnson and Bridges (now Thelen, Reid and Priest).   I also attended functions at Holland and Knight, Jackson, Lewis,  and many others.  The intimacy and exclusivity of a partner retreat somehow permeates the atmosphere and makes my typical presentation seem a bit more majestically, if I may be so bold...
Not until this year, however, was I asked to come in and talk EDD.  With three partner retreats this summer and counting... EDD is the topic of choice as well it should be. 
Partners may concern themselves with monitoring associate hours, acquiring competitive intelligence. schmooing the key clients and keeping up that golf game, but if they don't know where to direct their armies to look for the smoking gun evidence, then their game will be up.  So I was honored as well as relieved when this year's slew of law firm prtner retreats
Of course, the challenge to presenting EDD at such retreats is that each firm maintains a distinct client base.  The labor law firm wants to know about how to view metadata underlying a grievance in the form of an e-mail message by the union leader to management while the corporate attorneys go goo-goo over the electronic review of spreadsheets, with their columns and formulas shamelessly bared for all to see.  I'm still trying to figure out what it is the IP attorneys are asking me to show them... they always seem to be a few steps ahead of me.
If your firm's retreat does not yet include a session on electronic evidence, you may want to bring that up to the planning committee.  It'll be the next best event at the summer retreat after s'mores and flashlight ghost stories.

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