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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

LawNet 04 Live Report  

The only thing hotter than the 105 degree Scottsdale Sun is the announcements coming out of the vendor booths here at the Holy Grail of legaltech shows - LawNet.

Zantaz acquired Steelpoint technologies (makers of Introspect) which, in turn, Acquired Yours Truly as a Regional Western Sales Representative. Summation is launching a SQL backend Beta and Concordance is up and running with Thin Client hosting via FYI that works like a charm. Debate is raging as to the ROI of concept based queries. Fios' Prevail now easily hosts images in addition to data/metadata making that application more well rounded and Kroll has enchanced its annotation tools. Daticon is working on a long overdue new interface for Virtual Partner and iConnect unleashed its new Oracle version for them highly robust matters. The University of Washington Law School in conjunction with Andrew Adkins and Tom O'Connor is creating a litigation support/EDD course for law students and California Law Schools such as Hastings, Golden Gate and Stanford are expected to follow suit. Exciting stuff here...

And that's just scratchin the surface and the tidbits I gleaned when I was not sippin' Cactus Coolers at the pool...

Stay tuned for more live updates.

- Alextronic

posted by Alexander | 12:18 PM


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