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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Law Net Nears...  


Phoenix in the summer? Who thought of that?

As LawNet nears, I eagerly anticipate my next honeymoon with my Blawgerhead pals. I've got plans to do some sun screen shopping. Phonenix in August will certainly keep me in the air conditioned exhibit area.

Be sure to check out the program schedule and try not to miss the ED sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday in particular. A little birdie told me that some new technologies to allow for seamless compliance-geared ED will be unveiled. Of course, don't forget to check out the latest and greatest on the exhibit floor and go easy on the freebie pens.

I've heard from many of you concerning getting together for drinks or a walk through a cacti forest (not concurrently, of course). I'm game... Would fellow Blawgerheads like to meet Tuesday the 24th at say 7ish at the Desert Ridge Bar?

Oh yeah, Alextronic will broadcast a "semi-live" report from the event here at Alextronic Discovery so for those of you not sweating the 104 degree desert heat later this month, stay tuned for the latest news flash.

posted by Alexander | 5:28 PM


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