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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What "da Man" Wants  


Through my involvement with the infinitely exciting and promising merger of Zantaz and Steelpoint (Zantaz caters to mostly Fortune 500 Blue Chips and Steelpoint to large law firms and in house corporate legal departments) I have been blessed with the opportunity to rub shoulders with "da Man."

In other roles, I would work with lit support staff and paralegals at forty to two-hundred attorney firms and I thought that I had really made the big leagues. Now I come to realize that this was small fries... yes, I'll take a milkshake and a Big Mac with them small fries. This weekend, I was introduced to some accounts such as a burger joint trying to manage the many frivolous and not so frivolous law suits against it... that little burger joint's name... McDonalds.

I also met the in house legal support coordinators for mom and pop shops such as Home Depot, Toyota, Honda, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Allstate, Exxon, Chevron and many many more. My contacts list is less American Lawyer Today and more Fortune Magazine these days.

I must admit that I was not initially thrilled to be working so closely to "da Man." I thought that if I did not perform a flawless back flip on cue, I would be cast out into the wasteland of the unwanted. I envisioned the branches of the tree lined trees suddenly experiencing horrific animation as they clenched me with full knowledge that I voted against the latest corporate tax break. I was always on the lookout for Michael Moore - pouncing from behind a shrub with camera in hand to expose me as the latest collaborator with evil.

But, after spending time with these folks, I found them to be (for the most part) very pleasant. Most turned out to be left leaning free thinkers who truly believe that their stint at the behemoth is an opportunity to perhaps effectuate some positive change in the world. Of course, others just look to the high pay checks. Regardless, the day-to-day litigation anxieties (Can we collect the data needed within the time from posed? Will this system upgrade fall within out budget parameters? How are we going to get legal support trained on this before discovery commences?) remain universal concerns. I found that the solo practitioner with her office perched on top of the WhileUWait laundry mat is more similar than dissimilar to the Senior Litigation Coordinator at Dupont.

I'll give da Man an ounce of respect given what I now know.... but just don't tell my liberal arts college buddies... they think I'm working for Greenpeace.


posted by Alexander | 7:13 PM


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