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Monday, July 30, 2007

Writer's Block  

Going on nearly a year of writer's block. I am so ashamed. I could blame my slothful lack of diligence on my wonderful three kids all under four and transitioning from Sponge Bob to Spiderman or the office move or the CEB chapter I just finished authoring or the course I am teaching at Cal State East Bay and the law course I am preparing on E-Discovery at Golden Gate U. Law School. I could blame things on my long stint in a training lab trying to learn the ins and outs of EnCase or perhpas it is the goboal warming epidemic that is making me lackadaisical but the truth is I have just been unimaginative and awkwardly uninspired as of late.

I vow to crawl out of my inexcusable slump starting with this small post.

I just today get a shot in the arm of long overdue inspiration when the highly anticipated Blawgworld book was published featuring a fluffy little article by Alextronic as well as more substantive work by my more deserving colleagues.

The link to Blawgrowld is here: Enjoyh Blawgerheads!

I want to thank my readers for the near constant badgering and name calling concerning my failure to update this little forum over the past year. Your insults have never made me feel more loved.

Look for something of relative substance soon.

posted by Alexander | 2:21 PM


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