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Friday, December 02, 2005

Look at me now, Ma!  

Ever since I lost the bubble gum blowing contest to Warren Gunderson in the second grade (he cheated because his dad owned a candy factory and furnished him with one of the first known prototypes of Bubble Yum while I tried to make do with Bazooka the consistency of flint stones), my mother told me I'd never amount to anything even despite the fact that I went on to learn how to blow a bubble within a bubble.

I thought I had proved her wrong when, working at the local pizza parlor, I had perfected the art of dough tossing when my colleagues cut the pie dough into circles from cookie-cutter style templates.

Well, if that didn't impress you, Ma, this certainly will: Alextronic has been featured in the new highly touted "BlawgWorld" 2006, Capital of Big Ideas (check out Alextronic's entry on native review and native production on page three)! This nifty e-publication, sponsored by TechnoLawyer, is a sample platter of Blawgers from around the globe who Blawg about everything from e-discovery to IP litigation to law firm management.

In its first day at press, this book reportedly had over 6,000 takers!

Stay tuned Blawgerheads for an upcoming entry concerning the benefits of a proactive and forensically sound data retention/collection environment...

Now back to my Dentyne... I've settled down a bit in my old age.

posted by Alexander | 11:32 PM


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