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Monday, April 25, 2005

Plummeting Prices... What's next?  

I heard through the grapevine that some mom and pop shops are doing ED processing for some $750 per gig. $750 per gig! I recall people lining up to pay me some four thousand per gig back in the day. With every corner copy shop and litigation support provider doing EDD (or claiming to do so) is it any wonder that the prices have started to sink through the floor?

I'm old enough to remember when my father told me about this new machine called a facsimile transmitter. I could not quite grasp the concept until he drove me to his law office to show me the one hundred and ten pound, six thousand dollar monstrosity that he and his partners all chipped in to purchase. It was the talk of the building and curious neighbors were always dropping in to catch a bewildering glimpse.

Now we've all got fax machines at home and if you paid anything over two hundred bucks, you paid to much.

Of course, the fax machine business is healthy and growing. I suspect ED processing will follow suit. As prices come down, the demand for ED processing should increase with reverse proportionality. I expect this will trigger a long overdue shakeout and some of the newer and less innovative ED shops will have to close their doors while others will capture a larger share of the expanding market while innovating and reinventing themselves to respond to the drastically changing market forces.

I do not want to divulge which players out there I would place my bets on, but suffice it to say that I would be somewhat surprised if certain vendors are around another year or two while I would be equally surprised if others do not experience astronomical growth.

My brother has been telling me how excited he is to see baseball start up again. Baseball schmaseball... hell, I think this ED game will be the more exciting series to watch.

posted by Alexander | 3:38 PM


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