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Monday, August 30, 2004

Party Pooped  

After a week of EDD (and other intoxicants) overload in Phoenix, it is sure good to be back home... wait a minute... where the heck am I?

Hey, I'm in Boston! Transported from the Phoenecian dry heat to that clam chowder, Bostonian sticky heat... where I am undergoing indoctriniation into the ways of Zantaz and Steelpoint to begin yet another Alextronic journey. So your Phoenician correspondant is now a Bostonian... say bye-bye to Senator McKane and hellow to Senator Kerry. I am, however, set to return to my base of San Francisco soon, so I'll have to pretty myself up to transform into the lovely Dianne Feinstein... (even though my biceps are frequently mistaken for those of Arnold)... Man, am is this getting nutty and off-course... focus Alextronic, Focus!

Before I leave the topic of LawNet, I wanted to send out a special thanks to the folks at CaseSoft, LexSolutio and Dataflight for their wonderful hospitality ... especially Bob Wiss who ended up becoming my designated driver and industry therapist, but that's for another story.

Speaking of Bob, has anyone checked out DepPrep yet? Sounds like a great resource to take that uncomfortable fear of the unknown out of your deponent so that he or she is likely to really score big points at that upcoming deposition. I wonder if Amber Frey owns a copy.

Here is the hot EDD issue to ponder (we debated for what seemed to be hours on this one). Can a term query used as a first instance culling mechanism to a data set expose counsel to malpractice liability if the query culls out too much relevant information and that which may have been subject to the RFP even if not technically relevant? Hmmmmm.

Alextronic will address this in the next post. Stay tuned....

posted by Alexander | 11:13 AM


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