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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Try to Guess When this Change Was Made?  

The Drafting Committee of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Made its First Major Revision to FRCP 34 as follows:

"The inclusive description of "documents" is revised to accord with the changing technology. It makes clear that Rule 34 applies to electronic data compilations from which information can be obtained only with the use of detection devices, and that when the data can as a practical matter be made usable by the discovery party only through respondent's devices, respondent may be required to use his devices to translate the data into usable form."

Any guesses when this change to the Federal Rules accommodating technology took place?

Take a guess:

A. 1984
B. 1970
C. 1990
D. 1993
E. 2001

If you guessed that this change took place in the past thirty years, you'd be wrong! The amendment took effect in 1970! B. is the correct answer.

And you thought that the legislature was just beginning to realize the importance of digital discovery! Huh!

posted by Alexander | 8:50 PM


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