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Monday, December 01, 2003

What is your EDD Faux Pax?  

What is your EDD Faux Pax?

As I brace myself for my third and final web cast this Wednesday covering the top ten most common EDD faux pax (translated: what things do clients and their attorneys do or fail to do which end up making an e-discovery mission more daunting down the line?) I was hoping to elicit some of your comments as to what things you as attorneys, lit. support managers, paralegals, IT dudes and dude-ettes and hopeless bloggers have done or not done that later on caused an electronic discovery project to, well, suck?

Did you fail to instruct your client to save potentially relevant data? Did you try to copy the data yourself for remote review and production? Did you forget to check out the reputation of the ED vendors from whom you sought bids? Did you forget that if you ask for an .edii file you need Summation version 2.5 of iBlaze? Did you ask for a .dcb file when you are a Litigator's Notebook user? Did you forget that Prevail now hosts images for the paper-only pieces of your production?

So, go ahead and air your dirty laundry here on Alextronic Discovery. On this forum, we take great pleasure in the sadistic realization of other's weaknesses.

E-mail me at or, if you dare, post a public comment and confess your ED sins...

posted by Alexander | 8:56 PM


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