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Monday, January 19, 2004

E-Facts n' E-Figures  

E-Facts n' E-Figures

Betcha didn't know that:

9.8 billion (yep, that is with a "b" y'all) e-mail messages are transmitted every DAY (over twenty times more messages than the US Postal Service delivers in a week).

Over one-third of that is ... you guessed it that ugly four letter word... SPAM (hey, do I got a deal on Viagra for you!).

By 2006, the number should exceed 60 billion (messages in all that is... not just SPAM... well, maybe...).

The average white collar U.S. professional sends and receives in the neighborhood of 200 e-mail messages per day.

By 2005, it is predicted that world wide, over one-billion people have internet e-mail addresses (almost one out of every four)... don't sell that Microsoft stock just yet...!

Over ninety percent of U.S. businesses (large and small) store the majority of their documentation electronically and over seventy percent of these electronic documents are never printed to paper.

A floppy disk can hold 115 pages while a thumb drive can hold 5,120. Your MP3 recorder (when you are not listening to Ozzy's remix of Crazy Train) can hold up to one and a half million pages of data and the average backup tape (DLT) can cram in over six million we can make him... better, stronger, faster....

Just a few fun e-tidbits for all you e-discovery heads out there. If you have a few you'd like to share with Alextronic discovery, don't ignore the comment button.

posted by Alexander | 1:06 AM


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