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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Flowing Visions...  

Flowing Visions...

Remember the days when Word didn't talk with Excel and Quicken didn't share data with Timelsips? Can you think back to a time copier and scanner and fax and phone were entirely independent machines that bore little in common? Is it possible to imagine a day when the cell phone only made phone calls and Ms. Pac-Man did not dwell in there along with your alarm clock and web browser?

Attorneys have forever demanded seamless integration... and the market has responded accordingly. However, some of the last technologies to link tend to be litigation support technologies. Does your ZPrint and .pdf to .tiff conversion packages "talk" to your Paperport Strobe scanner? Do Summation and Concordance easily export to one another? Not yet. How about video depositions to CaseMap... maybe sometime...

The good news is that now a days, the word I'm hearing all over the lit. support world is undoubtedly "integration" everyone wants to talk to the other guy for the benefit of the attorney/paralegal/litigation support manager consumer.

I predict that in less than a decade, the mission critical litigation support applications (transcript management programs, EDD conversion services/applications, evidentiary databases, knowledge management portals, time-liners, video conferencing portals etc...) will be accessible on-line with multi-user real-time synchronization and the only tool the attorney or paralegal will really need would be access to the World Wide Web and a basic know-how as far as navigation and use of these applications is concerned. Best of all, they will all easily work with one another so the attorney can log on from essentially anywhere (Starbucks, an Airport, home office, train commute with a wireless laptop) and build his or her case for trial. Critical documents or e-mail messages can easily be popped from Prevail into TimeMap to build a chronology and the red-faced deponent eating his words for lunch on the video depo. can be plopped over to Summation for issue coding and outlining).

We are really not that far away from this reality today and much of the above-mentioned tasks I use as a Jetsonian example can actually be accomplished today (albeit with a bit of unusual technology, know how and luck). A few years down the road, however, it will be as simple as underlining text or replying to an e-mail.

Stay tuned...

posted by Alexander | 4:03 PM


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