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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Summation 2.6  

Summation 2.6

The new version of Summation just rolled off the assembly line and half of the total product washed up on my shores.

I received my certified trainer copy twice (UPS would not ship to my PO box, so they notified Summation of this and Summation sent a copy to my home, but then UPS caught wind of my home address and sent the original bounced back copy there). Then my friend Eric Guzman of Summation tech support sent me a copy himself with a little sticky note: "learn this and stop bothering me." Y'a see, I got Eric the gig at Summation when I worked there five years ago or so and he's owed me one, so I hit him up whenever I find a snag. The last thing a guy who spends all days trying to sooth irates in a tech support pig-pen wants to do when he gets home and whips out the Cheetos and turns on America's Most Wanted is take another tech support call in his slippers. But Eric has to. I got him the job and I have never let him forget that. Yeah, he took me to Vegas for weekend, but that was the precursor thank you.

Then another copy mysteriously arrived in the cubicle I borrow at Summation when I am downtown and need a place to make a call or something. That brought the count to four. I later that same day received a call from Ilynn at Summation production asking me if I'd like to come by for lunch and also pick up a copy of newly released 2.6. I have enough of these CD's to build a deflector shield or start a Frisbee football league.

Then I received my version 8 kit from Concordance, but the CD was no where to be found. Some sort of divine intervention to maintain an equilibrium, I guess... Concordance promises it is on the way... Will comment on that in the next post.... But I digress...

2.6 is no drastic improvement on 2.5, but there is one lifesaving feature that would make anyone a dimwit who decides against the upgrade. Enter, enhanced batch loading of vendor processed EDD via the summation .dii file (for those lit. support neophytes lurking out there, that is document information import file). The new Service Bureau Toolkit will provide utilities allowing the client to do something it has never been able to do... seamlessly load a .dii and actually realize "push button" loading of their edata into Summation for immediate query and review.

You read that right. No more .dii examination and test batches, no more struggling to define the carrots and pipes, no more spitting into the receiver of your phone with eyes a bulgin' at your imaging vendor. No more finger pointing - attorney to paralegal, paralegal to IT guy at firm, IT guy firm to Summation Rep. - Summation Rep to imaging/ED vendor - Imaging/ED vendor to Summation Rep and the cycle spirals on...

Now, of course being the realist that I am, I am not expecting an ED panacea. I've still not seen an OS that recognizes and loads all appropriate drivers nor have I found a paper-jamless printer... but anything, ANYTHING to make the loading of the ED import file into the lit. support app. just a tad bit more streamlined is very, very welcome news.

Gotta run, I think I see the Fed-Ex guy approaching.

posted by Alexander | 6:34 PM


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