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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Back in the Saddle  


There is not much ED going on in the Dordogne Valley region of Southern France. The most electronic discovery that I experienced there was the tuning of the radio on my rented Peugeot van as I sailed through endless rows of bright green vineyards while chewing on brie and baguettes...

It's tough to be home.

So after I polished off the third bottle of Bordeaux that was supposed to be a gift for my assistant, Julia (sorry Julia, do you drink Perrier by chance?). I do what comes naturally under the euphoric spell of some red wine... I turned down the lights, lit some candles, sauntered to my bedroom and... surfed the web for ED resources.
What else would I possibly want to do?

I gravitated towards

The folks that run this site (Cohasset Associates out of Chicago) do a splendid job of providing useful information that extends far beyond traditional ED. The site is devoted to the art of managing electronic records both before, during and after litigation. It is an absolute bible for any records professional that needs to keep his or her enterprise compliant, efficient and at the same time with an eye on the minimilization of chaos when (notice that I didn't say "if") litigation rears its ugly head.

The site contains, among other resources:

. The laws from all 50 states relating to storing records on
magnetic media, optical disk and microfilm all in an easily
browsed and fully searchable format. Each listing includes a
legal analysis providing additional insight.

. A database of relevant case law organized into distinct
and easily navigable categories, and including relevant
passages highlighted by an expert attorney.

. Access to a library of hundreds of relevant articles,
reports and white papers on a variety of subjects, all
organized into logical topic-related categories.

. Post questions, receive answers, and help others in our discussion
forums – each monitored by an industry expert in the field – while
building your personal network of MER professionals.

. A subscription to Pike & Fischer’s Digital Discovery & e-Evidence
Newsletter (a $545 value in its own right) presented to
you in both html and PDF format.

. An online dictionary of over 15,000 IT-related technical
terms with over 2,500 pictures charts and diagrams to help
demystify communications with your IT department.

A collection of over 30 of the best of the best MER Conference
Presentations with the PowerPoint presentations linked
to the sound and presented to you in streaming format
over the web – no plug-in required. (Selfish note: I hear that Yours
Truly will soon boast his very own .ppt in this "best of the best" arena).

Now before you go goo-goo here, there is one caveat. This is NOT a free site. Not a surprise given the perks it boasts. But for $1,800 per year it truly is a bargain. Better yet, trial subscriptions can be negotiated before one takes the plunge. Also, even without a subscription, a tremendous wealth of very useful "teaser" materials are available at no cost. For example, Brad Hulbert, a trial attorney for McDonell, Hoehnen et al presents a terrific presentation entitled "As a Trial Attorney, How Would I Attack the Way You Manage Your Electronic Records Both Before and After the Trial?" The presentation boasts audio as well as excellent slides.

Case law is extensive and not only alphabetized by case name in a virtual rolodex, but the critical passages in opinions relating to ED and electronic records management standards are conveniently highlighted for the reader. This is not a freebie and only available to subscribers.

Of course, the most beneficial free site in the ED realm is as evidenced by its ranking just behind Lexis/Nexis and Findlaw in the recent TechnoLawyer awards last month. is optimal for the litigation professional in the throws of discovery., on the other hand, is ideal as a supplement to in that it provides the knowledge and guidance needed to help the records professional gear up for litigation and then wind back down upon its conclusion.

Discussion boards and educational forums are available at the site and archives of the well received Digital Discovery and E-evidence Newsletter (to which I have contributed)in the past are made available for users.

Of course, the site links to other excellent resources such as the Sedona Principles site.

This resource has me so excited, that lately my yearnings for duck pate, red wines and croissants have been fading as they are slowly being replaced with records management surveys and visions of redundant backup servers... Get me back to Europe.

posted by Alexander | 11:43 PM


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