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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Cali Seeing the Light  


At times, it is tough to be proud to be a Californian... The Scott Peterson sensationalism hails from my home state as well as my home county and city... The heady days of Bay Bridge World Series and Journey Arena shows at Candlestick Park (before it was renamed 3Com Park... a criminal act if you aske me) are long gone. Although the Giants are having a great season, we still must make excuses for the Sharks and Warriors. Steve Perry is in a retirement home somewhere and our biggest rock hero is now William Hung.

One thing about California makes me proud, though. No, not the majestic Golden Gate or the splendid Redwoods... It's California's Proposed Rule of Court Rule 332.

You read that right, take a hike Goofy and Pluto... catch you later Barry Bonds and Gwen Stefani... Hasta la vista Arnold, I'm all about CPC 332.

This proposed rule of court "requires attorney to be familiar with relevant computer applications, document retention policies and the storage and retrieval capabilities of the client." You read that last sentence correctly, the court's are REQUIRING litigators to understand EDD basics. This ground breaking rule (should it become adopted) will essentially require law students to take a class on EDD and automated litigation support between morning crim law and afternoon torts. This is ground breaking stuff. The biggest thing since prop 237 (my fellow Californianites will understand that one).

Imagine an attorney being sanctioned for not understanding the difference between a .pst and an .nsf. How about the counselor who is considered legally ineffective for failing to know which data to be requested is live and which is likely to exist in archival format? God help the litigator who is not familiar with Zubulake!

Is this real or am I in some euphoric dream state? Somebody pinch me please...

posted by Alexander | 11:14 PM


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