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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What a concept!  

I am being hit from all ends with concept querying comments and questions. It seems to be the buzz. What ED was four years ago and what imaging was a decade ago.

Engeniam, Symmetric, Ontology, Dolphin, Attenex, Architext and a variety of others are mentioned at the industry events and among attorneys and lit support professionals alike.

So, I pose to you, my dedicated Blawgerheads... is this stuff the undeniable future or just a bunch of hype that will pass as quick as "Alexander" did at the box office?

Also, I invite some feedback for an article I am writing for a national publication.

Have any of you used concept based searching?

If so, did it "make the difference" and help you find your proverbial smoking gun?

What engine(s) did you use?

Did you use concept querying in lieu of traditional Boolean word searching, or as a compliment to it?

Did you pay a premium for this technology and if so, how much more did it cost you? Was it worth it, in your opinion?

Did the concept queries come up with "misses" or "red herrings"?

Alextronic would love to hear from you...

posted by Alexander | 9:51 PM


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